Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planning Gypsy Goddess Gathering 2.0!

It will soon be time to join me for the Second Gypsy Goddess Gathering
June 3,4,5 - NEW LOCATION - Big Lake flooded so moved to higher ground at Smithville Lake - Camp Branch.
June 8-11 - still deciding whether to stay at Smithville or move to Watkins Mill

It is a known fact that goddesses attract other goddesses
You know… “birds of a feather…”
They flock together long before they reach their true
lofty status of “Gypsy Goddess”
Giving their friendships the depth that only time can give
By the time they become gypsy goddesses,
they’d been gathering together for so long
Giving, sharing, loving and caring
That they know intimate details about each other’s lives…
Making their bond unbreakable
Whether lounging around in a hammock, sitting on the beach
Expressing creativity with crafts, dancing & drumming
Sharing great food and drink
Or just sitting around a campfire
The gathering of gypsy goddesses can’t be missed
Just listen for the buzz of friendship,
The tears of shared sorrows
And the fits of irrepressible laughter
You’ll know in a minute, you’re in the presence of greatness
Are you ready to embrace your gypsy goddess spirit?

The first weekend June 3,4,5 will be a mother and daughter event for the wild child in all of us – there will be bike riding (bring your own ) water fun ( in lake), and lots of creative crafting (make your own hula hoop, fairy and fairy homes and accessories, rainbow critters are all a possibility for a small supply fee)…. Or just spend time relaxing and having fun together!!

The second weekend June 9, 10 (my birthday :) and one reason for all this frivolity) & 11 is for all wonderful wacky women who need a getaway and will help me celebrate! Not sure what the entertainment will be yet, maybe just adult beverage, good food and relaxation. Anything from the first weekend is also possible to continue this weekend.

You can camp with me (have comfy beds in a variety of gypsy type accommodations for up to 5 people), bring your own camping set upto see info about reservations. Also check out the rentals info and other amenities – they even have outdoor movies at the pool!
So – when ya comin? Come for just a day or a whole glorious weekend !
Put it on your calendar and plan to be there! RSVP as soon as you know. I’ll send out a reminder and detail invite closer to the event. You know you deserve it and don’t want to miss it! Email at shecandothat@yahoo.com or call me if ya know my #!!

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