Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Annual Gypsy Goddess Gathering

For my birthday I decided to camp out all week at Watkins Mill campground in Excelsior Springs. A few nights of storms, but for the most part a great week with the culminating event on Saturday night - my first annual gypsy goddess gathering. I invited some girlfriends and 15 actually ventured out. Rose and her mom came up on Friday night and shared dinner with Paula P and I. They helped put up our makeshift tarps and fancy disco lights! This was a big step for Rose as she doesn't really like the "wilderness" While sitting at the picnic table eating - she screamed and leaped next to me when a snail crawled up the tablecloth by her plate. My goal is to get her to stay the night sometime this year!

Paula P from work brought her pop up camper and got a spot right next to mine. She's my hero cause she taught me how to make jello shots. We made over a 100 for this event.

April and Paula A. came up early and set up their tent and oozed in the beautiful weather - we enjoyed some hammock and lounge chair time before the festivities began.

I invited Maya Zahira to give us a little belly dance and drumming instruction. She brought scarves and drums. The yell she taught us drew just a little attention. One guy just kept hanging around the vardo - said he thought a bunch of Indians had invaded = and he thought he was going to get a free show. I talked with him for a bit and he finally went on his way.

Maya was great - gave us a little gypsy history info and taught several steps and moves. and drumming rhythms. Gonna start a tradition of the traveling sisterhood of the the scarf to keep our gypsy goddess spirit alive all year!!

Amanda works it after a few jello shots!

Angelina, Geslaine, Paula A, Paula P, April, Phyllis, Amanda and her mom and sister, my mom, Meghan, Elva are decked out in our finest gypsy apparel - skirts, scarves, and jingly drapes.

Gypsy girls chillin by the fire. We hung these tapestries on the clothesline to give us a little privacy. A couple of boys at the next site spent much of the evening peeking out of their tent window.

After Maya left, we tossed around a few more jello shots, then came a little visit from the park ranger asking us to keep it down a little - I thought we were going to be kicked out. Next year I may need to find a private place to camp so we can party and not worry about quiet hours.
Be looking for an invite the second week of June for Gypsy Goddess Gathering take 2!

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  1. Where is the story of getting the Vardo into the camping spot? I remember doing it by hand